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B.A English

About the Department

The Department of English was instigated in the year 2018 and abodes an energetic, diverse, and engaged faculty. English literature opens up a world of inspiration and creativity, while also developing skills that are essential for today’s global environment. It is a chance to discover how literature makes sense of the world through stories, poems, novels and plays. It is also an opportunity to sharpen your own ability to write, read, analyze and persuade.

Students engage in high-level study of literature and cultivate their abilities in advanced interpretation, innovation, and writing. A graduate degree in Literature represents a high standard of achievement in analysis and critical reasoning.

  • The Department has ‘Shakespeare Literary Forum’ and it organizes various competitions like JAM, Essay Writing Contest, Elocution and Extempore.
  • The Department organizes Guest Lectures, Seminars to enhance the skills of the students towards empowerment.
  • The Department provides Communication Skills and Soft Skills Training for strengthening the career opportunities.
  • The Department has planned to offer Value Added Certificate Courses on English.
S.No. Staff Name Qualification Designation Area of Specialization
1 Dr. M. Nallathambi M.A. ., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D., Associate Professor & Head American Literature
2 Dr. R. KarthickBabu M.A. ., M.Phil., Ph.D., Associate Professor Gothic Literature, Vampire Literature & Film Studies
3 Dr. C. Thenmozhi M.A. ., M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant Professor Canadian Literature & Feminism
4 Ms. U. Muthukumari MA., B.Ed., M.Phil., NET Assistant Professor English Language Teaching, Literary Theories
5 Mr. A. Sangeeth Kumar MA., M.Phil., SET Assistant Professor British literature

Program Differentiators

S. No.


Expected  Outcome / Impact
1. Hands-on assignments in speaking, drafting, compering Instills, develops and sharpens the respective skills


Classes filled with fun, stories, anecdotes, etc. Makes the leaning interesting and pleasant


VAT Sessions Enhancing employability


Phonetics and Accent Training Perfection in speaking


Mandatory Internship in Press, Media, Schools and events Provides opportunity to compare and strengthen the conceptual leaning and the practical applications


Comprehensive Viva Voce Examines the comprehensive knowledge base in the domain


Special Lectures by the Language experts and Communication trainers Enhances the knowledge of the respective practices and applications


Mini Projects in creative applications of language Practical exposure and research-blend


Intensive training on grammatical aptitude Strengthens the knowledge on the right application of fundamental and advanced grammar rules


Flipped Classroom Enhances the efficiency in learning
11. Exposure on TOEFL & IELTS Enhances the chances for better placement

B.A English Eligibility and Scope

  • Higher Secondary

B.A English Higher Education Prospects

  1. M.A English Literature
  2. M.A Linguistics
  3. M.A. Mass Media and Journalism
  4. Diploma in Mass Media and Journalism
  5. Diploma in English Language Teaching
  6. Doctoral Degree in English Literature (Ph.D)

B.A English Job Opportunities

The Department of English provides an ample of opportunities in different sectors like

  1. Digital copywriter
  2. Editorial assistant
  3. Journalist
  4. Publishing copy-editor/proof-reader
  5. Teaching: In Schools after B.Ed.
  6. Teaching: In Colleges/Universities after PG/PhD
  7. Talent agent
  8. Web content Developer
  9. Writer
  10. Advertising copywriter
  11. Arts administrator
  12. Education consultant
  13. Marketing executive
  14. Media researcher
  15. PPC specialist
  16. Private tutor
  17. Social media Manager
  18. Radio Jockey
  19. Web content manager
  20. Public Relations officer
  21. Non voice BPO : Digitization of books magazines
  22. Executive in tourism and hospitality industries
  23. Front office executive in any office
  24. Call Center executive






I Year B.A English Literature

Semester – I



Tamil – I 03
English – I 03
Prose 05
Short Stories 05
Social History of England 03




I Year B.A English Literature

Semester – II



Tamil – II 03
English – II 03
Poetry I 05
Fiction 05
Literary Forms 03





II Year B.A English Literature

Semester – III



Tamil – III 03
English – III 03
Poetry – II 05
Once Act Plays 05
History of English Literature – I 03





II Year B.A English Literature

Semester – IV



Tamil – IV 03
English – IV 03
Drama 05
Introduction to Language and Linguistics 05
History of English Literature – II 03





III Year B.A English Literature

Semester – V



Shakespeare 05
Principles of Literary Criticism 05
American Literature 05
Indian Culture and Literature 05
Translation: Theory and Practice 03




III Year B.A English Literature

Semester – VI



Indian Writing in English 05
Common Wealth Literature 05
English Language Teaching 05
Journalism 04
English for Competitive Examinations 04