• SRM TRICHY ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE (Affiliated to Bharathidasan University) SRM Nagar, Trichy – Chennai Highway Near Samayapuram, Trichy – 621 105

First Year Orientation Program

Three Days First year orientation programme was organized from 07.07.2023 to 11.07.2023 at APJ Abdul Kalam Hall, SRM Trichy Campus from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm. 12 Resource Persons were involved for the programme. The first day, 07.07.2023 the first session was started with the Principal, Dr. D. Francis Xavier Christopher with the topic entitled “Sigaram thodu”. He insisted on setting goals to achieve as well as to take responsibilities to face the challenging world. The second session was handled by Dr. P. Sandhya, HOD of Mathematics, SRMTASC. She elaborates “Practices of Examination”. Which include the need of examinations, preparations, do’s and don’t’s of examinations as well rules and regulations to be followed. Third session was handled by Dr. G. Ilango, Vice Pincipal – Administration, SRMTASC on the topic “Students Etiquette” he educate students about Good mannerism, ethics, moral values, good habits as well the importance of dress code. Fourth Session was handled by Dr. S. Padmapriya, HOD of Computer Science, SRMTASC on the topic “Paving the way to success”. She insisted students about, what are the opportunities in front of them to get success. Fifth Session was handled by Dr. S. Fabiyola Kavitha, Vice Principal – Academic, SRMTASC on the topic “Decide your Destiny”. She present to students how to be ambitious and how to set goals and how to achieve it?

The Second Day, (10.07.2023) orientation begun with Mr. R. Madhavan, Placement Head, SRMTASC. He talks on the topic “Career for Arts and Science”. He explained about the 7 important skills needed for getting into good placement to improve the skills required to be industry ready. The second session was started with Dr. N. Malmurugan, Director, SRM Group of Institutions, Trichy campus. He insisted students about “What not to learn”. He educate the students on the reality of youth in the current world as well insisted on the etiquette, moral, ethical, cultural values to learn and to improve the student’s morality to become a good citizen. The third session was handled by Dr. Harsh Avinash Thappa, Assistant Professor of Department of Psychiatry, TSRMMCHRC on the topic “Stress Management”. He explained the students about how to manage the stress, Pickle Jar Theory, Time management, Time Scheduling, Perfectionism, Hygiene, Sleeping and Bedtime routine.

The Third Day, (11.07.2023) orientation was started with Dr. J. Prince Antony, VP IHM, SRMIST on the topic “Healthy food for better life”. He insisted students to avoid eating Junk Food and the importance of taking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dr. R. Manickam, Physical Director of SRMIST handled the second session on the topic “Sports and Yoga”. He mentioned about the facilities available in the campus and the importance of sports and yoga for the physical fitness and mental fitness. The third session was handled by Dr. V. Manickam, Assistant Professor of Commerce CA, SRMTASC on the topic “Not Me But You”. He explained the students about NSS and its benefits. He also expressed dedication, sacrifice, passion are the main qualities of the NSS Volunteers to serve the society. Finally the fourth session was handled by Ms. D. Manimegalai, Campus Life Coordinator, SRM Trichy Campus on the topic “Unlocking your potential”. She insisted students on how to identify the potentials and how to improve and lead a successful life peacefully and become a good citizen of the nation. The programme was successfully executed by the Convener Dr. S. Kanchi Devi, Head and Assistant Professor of Commerce CA, along with Co-conveners Dr. P. Kalaiyarasi, Assistant Professsor of Tamil and Dr. Shiyamala Anto Mary, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.