• SRM TRICHY ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE (Affiliated to Bharathidasan University) SRM Nagar, Trichy – Chennai Highway Near Samayapuram, Trichy – 621 105

Seminar Series on Contemporary Development in Computer Science

Day1: 21.08.2023

The event lighten with a captivating keynote address by  Prof.Kanaga Suba Raja,Head/CSE/SRMIST/Trichy. He delivered with a note on the evolution of data science and its pivotal role in solving real-world problems. Principal Dr.Francis Xavier Christopher presided over the function. Vice Principal Admin Dr.G.Ilango & Vice Principal  Academics Dr.Fabiyola Kavitha felicitated the gathering. The Head, Faculty members and Students have arranged the function.

Day2: 22.08.2023

The Resouse person Prof. Deepalakshmi AP/CSE/SRMIST/Trichy, vividly illustrated the AI evolution in daily life. The seminar enriched by highlighting the influence of AI in real-life scenarios.

Day3: 23.08.2023

The Resouse person Prof. Anitha AP/CA/SRMIST/Trichy,  emphasized the growing importance of datascience in transforming the industry. The seminar delved into data sciences transformative role in modern industries.

Day4: 24.08.2023

The Resouse person Prof.M. Anitha AP/CSE/TRPEC/Trichy, emphasized the importance of  Machine learning from theory to tangible applications in reshaping industries and our daily lives.

Day5: 25.08.2023

The Resouse person Prof.P.JeyamedonaAP/CSE/TRPEC/Trichy,  emphasized the profound impact of  Data Science on Societyfrom theory to tangible. The attendees gained insights into the ever evolving field of data science.

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