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A Case Study By 3rd Year Architecture Students

Indeco Heritage Resort – A Case Study by 3rd Year Architecture Students of SRM SEAD.

There is a quote saying “Beautiful spaces create beautiful minds”
The word as well defines the brood of a one man to give out a denouement in my present time at
Indeco hotels, Swamimalai, a wide range of artifacts and antiques and the bucolic in a current world! well
astonished, a complete harmony. The conflate of the rural setting was cynosure which bought the
integrate detailing of the handmade Athangudi tiles, the features of a Chettiyar house and the
terra-cotta statues all over the place giving out a dimensional work of the stonework pillars and the
bamboo truss work that highlighted each roof and the featured materials from lands making historic
under the Tanjorian houses. Every corner had its own privacy, the cottages with its own fixtures and
comforts and having a private mini space. A pet lover emphasized, to give an aesthetic feature to the
structures making it a universal set as in bringing out the open displays of the cars, the stone statues,
structures, and chariots. The unique saying “U must must must have it not having it, is not an option”, by
Steve Borgia, made achievement to bring out the vernacular feature and the uniqueness of its own
natural habitat, the Indigo hotel. The hospitality was mind pleasing in which it was easy for the
communication and to have had a beautiful interactive session with everyone. The overall interesting
feature was the museum which had a hidden tunnel leading to the Kaveri river and had its own history
beneath, of the Cholas and Hoysalas and gave a traditional depiction of the Tamil culture and a feature
yet, more to discover.

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